Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Many Projects.....So little Time!!!!

And so.....now that the holidays are becoming a distant memory, we turn our attention to all those projects that were put on hold......There is so much at our fingertips for inspiration at this time of year!!! From the warm cozy afghan, to the bright fresh colors of spring, and the new beginnings of life whether it be a new baby or a wedding, there is much about which to celebrate our passion for creativity.......

Where to begin?? Do you attempt to finish those recently put aside projects and focus on the latest batch to make their way into your personal stash? Do you fall in love with the color or texture of a new-found fiber and let that lead you into your next project? Or do you find excitement in the anticipation of learning a new skill or technique to help you recharge your creative batteries???

Drop me a line and let me know what you are up to.....on my notebook at ravelry.com, I am listed as stitchwhiz623. On there, I have recently posted some completed projects, and some in process "UFO's"......I have some ideas that I am putting together for my in the Queue section, and would love to see what my fellow yarncrafters are up to.....Please join me there!!!