Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Start......April 2011

So here I am,  back again, maybe I can make this work more consistently this time, and maybe even gain some more followers!!!! :)

Alot has happened of course since my last blog post, and while I've made some key life directional decisions in the last couple of months,  one of the things that I realized is that I would probably blog more if I kept it brief, and linked to more of what I am up to on Ravelry, as well as have sidebars of life interests beyond the fibery Here Goes!!!!!

I have decided to go back to school.....yes....this 40 something year old has decided that additional, advanced certifications are necessary if I am to remain viable in my healthcare career. There are 3 essentially Board type certfications I hope to achieve, and my goal is to have all three certifications by 2013. And, I've applied to George Washington University to do a focused study program so that I will be ready to take the Specialist in Blood Bank see, I'll need my fibery past times to see me through!!!!

I've also set some goals with where I want my crafty skills to be. First off, last year I joined CGOA, with the hope that maybe at some point I would be a test crocheter for designers. Recently, on Ravelry, I joined a pattern testers group, and pattern tested a new design for the first time in March! I hope to be able to do more of this type of thing as time goes on. I have also made some strides with my knitting, to the point where I think you could classify me as an advanced beginner. I have made a pair of socks, a cowl, a scarf, a hat, and am currently attempting my first knitted shawl----which I am enjoying immensely.

But my next major crafty goal is to make my portfolio for the CGOA Master class. I bought that also last year, but everytime I thought I'd give it a go, I'd end up putting it off-----not sure why, guess I was just not focused enough.....well, I think now is really the time t get it going! I've divided the course into sections and my goal is to start it this weekend. I will be journalling my progress with the various exercises and my expereiences working them as I go, hence the concept of shorter more frequent blog posts going forward. Hope you will join me on this adventure!!!!!!

Crocheting Away~~~~~~~

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